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Newbie from Germany
« on: July 26, 2018, 05:52:12 am »

Im Ronja from Germany. Im kind of new to prepping and only I started in 2015. As prepping is not that big in Germany I hope to get help, find friends and advice here  ;)
I started back in 2015 as the situation in Germany changed a lot because of the refugee crisis. I think prepping becomes more and more important to german people, but sadly there is only a small community. I hope the community starts to grow and people see how important it is to be prepared. Germany has so many problems and no one is willing to to something! I feel like everyone is responsible for his own safety now.

My 4 y/o daughter and my husband like my decision and share my excitement. I think I need a little bit advise so I can prepare my family properly. I`ve read a lot and bought some stuff, but I hope to learn more! Especially from mothers with kids , who do prepping.

I want to make Germany more aware of prepping, Im sure many people would join if they knew! As I work for a big TV company I have the possibility to make a documentary about prepping. But the german community is to small to make a documentary out of it. Maybe Ill find help with you guys :)

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